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YAESU FTA-450L Transceiver

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FTA-450L Air Band Transceiver with 8.33 Khz spacing
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Brand Yaesu

We are pleased to announce the introduction of our new air band handheld transceiver the FTA-450L.

The new FTA-450L is a competitively price COMM ONLY version transceiver, sharing the same core feature set and the compatible accessories as the FTA-550.

The new FTA-450L provides 5W TX power output power and has a Large Full-Dot Matrix Display featuring the Easy-to-Operate icon driven menu system. The loud 800mW internal audio speaker guarantees the call will not be missed. 8.33kHz narrow band compatible, and with a programmable 200 channels up to 15 alphanumeric characters, all favourite channels can be easily stored and retrieved with just a few button presses. For any further detailed specifications and supplied accessories please refer to the attached sheet.


  • Features of the Yaesu FTA-450L Airband Transceiver:

    • 5 Watts TX Output Power (Airband: AM 5W P.E.P. type, 1.5W carrier)
    • Huge 1.7" x 1.7" Full Dot Matrix display (160 x 160 Dots)
    • NOAA Weather Channel and Weather Alert (USA only)
    • 200 Memory Channels with 15 alphanumeric characters
    • Back-lit Keypad and display with dimmer
    • Water Protection -IPX5 Rating
    • Loud Audio (800 mW speaker)
    • High capacity Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Battery (1800 mAh)
    • 25 kHz and 8.33 kHz channel spacing
    • Alkaline Battery Tray (AA x 6) also included
    • Headset Adapter included
    • Cigarette Lighter Adapter included

    Easy to operate!  The FTA-450L comes configured with an easy to operate icon driven menu system. The displays and menu settings are logically configured for a more intuitive user interface.

    Great display!  The FTA-450L features a huge 1.7" x 1.7" full dot matrix LCD display with full backlight and dimmer. The high resolution display makes it easier to view all the great features the FTA-450L has to offer.

    Well accessorized!  Includes rechargeable Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Battery, AC wall charger, DC Cigarette Lighter Adapter, headset adapter cable, alkaline battery case, belt clip, and USB programming cable.  Everything needed, right out of the box.

    The Yaesu FTA-450L features a IPX5 waterproof design protects it against rain and water jets. Great for flight line personnel, airshow use, and anyone using a transceiver outdoors where it may rain. In addition it's 800 mw audio amplifier makes the FTA-450L louder than any other handheld transceiver available today (for example, it's about 35% louder than the Icom IC-A23). The Yaesu FTA-450L is powered by a high capacity 1800 Mah Lithium Ion battery that will last over 13.5 hours between charges.

    200 memory channels can be easily programmed into the FTA-450L allowing quick easy access to frequently used channels on the aviation band.  Each "book memory" channel can be programmed into the unit using the optional PC programming software and cable. All memory channels can be labeled with either a channel number assignment, operating frequency display, or an alpha-numeric channel name display.

    Breaking the squelch threshold has never been easier. Press the Squelch button for two seconds and the FTA-450L's squelch remains opened for monitoring weak and distant signals. Pressing Squelch again restores squelch settings. This is TRUE one handed operation. No need to fumble with tightly spaced concentric knobs!

    Receiver Battery Saver feature is designed to maximize the life of the transceiver's battery. When the FTA-450L is in the standby mode the battery saver de-energizes the transceivers circuitry, waking up at user selected intervals to sample for radio activity. If no activity is detected the FTA-450L goes back into its sleep mode. Current consumption is minimized, thereby maximizing battery life. This feature is only found on Yaesu's air band transceivers!

    The FTA-450L can receive all 10 NOAA weather broadcast frequencies. The Automatic Active Weather Channel Locator automatically scans for active NOAA weather stations in your area when the Weather band is selected.

Technical data

Your Yaesu FTA-450L includes:

  • Lithium Ion battery (1800 mAh)
  • AC Charger
  • Charger Cradle
  • Cigarette Lighter Adapter
  • BNC Helical Antenna
  • Headset adapter
  • Alkaline battery tray
  • Quick Draw Belt Clip
  • USB Cable
  • Ferrite Core
  • User Guide / Operating Manual
  • Warranty Card

Frequency Range 
TX 118.000 - 136.975 MHz (COM Band), RX 118.000 - 136.975 MHz (COM Band), WX channels WX-01 - WX-10 8.33 Khz channel spacing.

Channel Spacing
User selectable 25 kHz or 8.33 kHz

Power Output 
5.0 W (PEP), 1.5 W (Carrier Power) @ 7.2 V DC 700mw audio amplifier.

Case Size (WxHxD): 2.4 x 5.2 x 1.3 inches (62 x 133 x 34 mm) without knob or antenna
Weight (approx.): 14.5 ounces / 410 grams with battery and antenna


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