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All Weather Cover 15m glider

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All Weather Cover for variety of 15m gliders
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Glider covers protects your glider or ultralight plane from the weather, UV exposure, dust, moisture and hangar damage. High quality fabrics make sure the covers are waterproof, breathable and provide good protection against UV radiation. New types and products are developing as customer’s requirements.

Please contact us if you need special solutions or special covers.

Check your glider on our the list below. Also available - hail protection layer, solar windows, all-weather canopy covers and dust hangar covers. Also we offer all-weather covers for ultralights.

Winglets can be covered free of charge.

Tail numbers or logos available, ask us for details.

Reinforced material - stronger material with extra wing mouldprevent and ventilation for regular use.

15m glider

APIS, Astir CS, ASW 19, ASW 27, ASW 20, ASW 24, bergfalke, CB-2 minuano,
Centrair 101 Pegase, Club Libelle, Darmstadt D-40, DG 100, DG 200, DG 300, 
Diana 2, Discus 2, Discus bWL, FS-25, G 103 Astir 1, Hornet, Janstar standard,
Jeans Astir, Kaiser K-12/ASK-14, Ka6E, LS 4 (WL), LS 7 (WL), L-34, Munchen 
Mu28, Pik20, Salto, SB-11, SB-13, SF 27, SR22, Std. Libelle, Std. Cirrus, SWIFT,
Sunderland moba 2, Tst-10, T-59, Ventus cm, Ventus 2, Ventus 2b, VSO 10, Wassmer 

  • strong mesh material with good ventilation
  • UV and waterproof protection
  • tough durable breathable outer
  • quick to fit

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