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Distress radio beacon with integrated internal 406MHz antenna
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The Kannad INTEGRA 406 AF Emergency Locator Transmitter is the only ELT in the world which operates on the international 406MHz satellite search and rescue system and includes an internal GPS, 406MHz antenna and an internal battery.

The most popular units for general Aviation are the AF Packs which are supplied with everything required, except an additional outside antenna (which the customer can choose depending on there aircraft and specific requirements. The Integra AF offers the international flying community a number of major benefits over the standard ELT models available on the market today. These include:

A fail-safe system in the event that upon ditching the aircraft or after a crash landing, the INTEGRA through its automatic activation, will still have the ability to transmit and send both the unique identification and GPS position. which will transmit and send both the unique identification and GPS position.

The pilot and crew can remove the ELT from the aircraft whilst it continues to transmit remotely from the airframe using its internal battery.

The INTEGRA ELT may also be installed on certain models of aircraft without having to fit an expensive external antenna (national authorities rules and regulations permitting) and an additional external GPS interface. This will reduce cost and complexity for the aircraft owner when choosing to install the all-important life saving device.

Weighing in at just 850 grammes and measuring just 175mm x 99mm x 86.4mm the INTEGRA boasts of a number of new and innovative features in a very small easy to install package. The INTEGRA transmits on both the international 406MHz satellite search and rescue system and on 121.5MHz for local direction finding. Fully TSO'd. Minimum operating temperature of the unit: -20°C.

  • Integrated internal 406MHz antenna
  • Unique built-in GPS
  • Low cost two wire compatibility when installed with optional control panel
  • Minor change approval available fior most common aircraft
  • Operates at temperatures as low as -20°C
  • -40°C version available for mounting outside pressurised fuselage.
  • Optional programming dongle, perfect for fleet operators
  • Quick and easy retrofit with universal mounting bracket
  • Built-in alarm/buzzer
  • Completely self-powered by the ELT battery (replacement every 6 years).
  • Once activated the 406 AF INTEGRA transmits continuously for over 48 hours on 406MHz (distress) signal and on a 121.5MHz (homing) signal, alerting international rescue services to the emergency and your location via the global COSPAS-SARSAT Search and Rescue satellite system.
  • Emergency Locator Transmitter Packs
  • 406 AF COMPACT ELT transmitter with 6 year battery
  • Universal mounting bracket
  • RC200 Remote Control switch
  • DIN-12 ELT connector and Sub D connector

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