Value Added Tax for EU buyers

This online store is subject to lithuanian tax regulations, which require the Value Added Tax (VAT) to be applied to orders submitted by buyers from European Union (EU) countries.

Nevertheless, if you represent a company located in the EU (excluding Lithuania), you can get a direct VAT exemption by entering your company name and VAT identification number in the respective fields during the registration/checkout process.

In other words:

- customers buying as individuals from EU (not companies then) have to pay the additional VAT 21%;

- EU companies provided a valid VAT number and company postal address may purchase with 0% VAT exemption;

 - all customers from countries outside the EU don't pay additional taxes.


Goods will be invoiced with 0% VAT exemption after verification of all data. The VAT invoice will be sent together with the parcel.

Note: goods ordered (with 0% VAT Exemption) for delivery by the courier company could be sent only to the registered office or the office of the company that is listed on an excerpt from the commercial or trade register.



1. During the account registration (or guest checkout), the entered VAT identification number is automatically validated against the official European Commission VIES database. If an invalid number is provided, a red warning is displayed at the top of the page: you can't proceed unless you clear the VAT field, but in this case the tax amount will be added to your order's total.

2. In some countries a specific authorization must be requested to enable your company to make business with foreign countries. You should check with your fiscal advisor if your VAT identification number is enabled. If not, during the validation it will be reported as invalid (see 1).

3. During the account registration (or guest checkout), if the European Commission VIES database (see 1) is down and the VAT number validation can't be performed, a yellow warning is displayed below VAT checking box: you can still proceed, but the tax amount will be added to your order's total anyway. In this case please retry after some minutes. If still not working, please contact us by email and we will create you proforma invoice for order manually.